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United Technologists Europe Limited (UTEL) is a founder owned UK limited company, incorporated in 1993 by two R&D engineers Frank Kaufhold and Paul Grafton. Our ambitions were simple, if idealistic: – We wanted to build a commercially successful R&D company without selling our soul to the banks or compromising our ethical and environmental values. We wanted to create a flexible working environment where the best minds could maximise their innovative productivity and share in the economic success of the venture.
Today we employ over 60 quality people covering a wide range of technical skills and ethnicities. We have expanded our Labs in the UK, set up a dedicated company “UTEL France Ltd” to service the French market and have recently formed a joint venture in China.

Our staff have been working in the Telecommunications industry for many years and together we have hundreds of years of experience across a broad range of disciplines. This enables us to fully understand the issues our customers face, allowing us to provide the right solutions.

Our products

United Technologists Europe Limited, Head office in United Kingdom , test solutions for XDSL and FTTH networks. Learn more at www.utel.co.uk

UTEL France Limited in France (Bailly 78) test solutions for XDSL and FTTH networks.

UTEL FASTLIGHT Limited in France (Bailly 78) Fiber Infrastructure solutions.

UTEL CHINA in Shenzhen, R&D office for Fiber Infrastructure solutions.