Our greatest strength comes from our reliability and quick responsiveness.
We possess the ability to innovate
and create optimal solutions very quickly.



UTEL FASTLIGHT is a French company with nearly 15 years of experience in developing fibre optic solutions for the FTTH, FTTA and FTTO markets.
UTEL FASTLIGHT FRANCE designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a full range of solutions with CE marketing, in compliance with ARCEP, Objectif Fibre recommendations and CE, RoHS certifications.

Our team’s great experience in tailoring solutions for major network operators supports your teams’ requests by offering specific solutions based on your requirements in the deployment of your telecommunications networks.

Our values of excellence to serve our clients are based on 3 core principles : availability, responsiveness, and dedication to client satisfaction.

We differentiate ourselves by our ability to quickly manufacture specific products adapted to our customers’ requirements for network operators sush as BOUYGUES TELECOM and FREE and also DSP (Délégations Services Publiques) sush as COVAGE, AXIONE and ALTITUDE INFRASTRUCTURES …


UTEL FASTLIGHT offers FTTH solutions for Optical Distribution Trays, ODU – MDU, Racks and Cabinets, OTO Optical Termination Outlets, Cables & Components at a competitive price and guarantees the highest standards of quality and reliability.

The company provides its clients with the latest Research and Development facilities to customize products, integrate network specifications, offer new designs and thus contributes to higher standards in the sector.


UTEL FASTLIGHT has developed and manufactured products dedicated to final connections for professionals and companies. These solutions integrate in a single product the active equipment and the optical connection.


UTEL FASTLIGHT offers a large range of FTTA Solutions Optical distribution boxes, Optical distribution trays, 42U Racks, Cables & Components.

The company has developed unique solutions with its hybrid electrical/optical distribution box and 5G distribution box with up to 9 antennas to respond to the 5G deployment challenge.