Our commitment to promoting high CSR standards

CSR is the acronym for Corporate Social Responsability.

The CSR policy brings together international guidelines and principles by integrating economic, social, environmental and ethical concerns into the business strategy and operations of the company in order to contribute to a more sustainable organisation.

Our CSR Policy

UTEL FASTLIGHT has actively developed its CSR for several years and published a new CSR policy in 2020. The company is monitoring its progress through the ECOVADIS ratings system and has already obtained the Bronze certificate. Our goal is to obtain the Gold certificate within the next 2 years. The company is proactively developing a CSR approach with concrete actions in its daily operations and by acting responsibly with all its partners (all our stakeholders).

Our environmental actions focus essentially on reducing our carbon footprint (by optimizing our logistics operations and transport solutions, by reducing our consumption of energy and resources as well as our waste). Socially, we involve all parties, employees, partners, clients and producers to contribute and constantly review and optimize their daily operations to reduce our environmental impact.

By acting eco-responsibly, our company is dedicated to a long-term policy and a responsible approach towards constantly evolving challenges and issues.

Our goals are regularly upscaled. We are investing in a new logistics platform in the Paris area to reduce our consumption by optimising our logistics flow. We are also developing new actions in other areas to continue developing a more socially responsible activity.

Our CSR Policy

UTEL FASTLIGHT has developed its own CSR Policy focusing its commitments around 4 key challenges:

  • Human challenges, a nice place to work,
  • Economic challenges, sustainable purchasing,
  • Environmental challenges, a dedicated company,
  • Ethical challenges, a trustworthy company.

The implementation of our CSR Policy is based on our will to act with respect in the interest of the environment, our people, clients and partners but also with an ethical approach for our supplies.

Our goal is to unite our company around those values with the adhesion of all to our common project.

For further information on our CSR policy and our commitments for the future, you can access our “Charte RSE (CSR Policy, document in French)” by clicking here: Charte RSE UTEL FastLight France 2020