The optimal solution for each project

Our team is dedicated to our customers and UTEL FASTLIGHT offers a full range of products for all your projects deploying fibre optical and telecommunication networks.

The solutions offered evolve constantly to our customers’ requirements and the latest developments in fibre optical and mobile phone networks.

All our solutions comply entirely with the ARCEP technical recommendations.

Innovative Design, R&D

UTEL FASTLIGHT has a Research and Development team, consisting of highly qualified and experienced engineers & technicians to support our customers in developing specific products.

In partnership with the networks operator’s teams, our engineering office designs and develops a large range of innovative and highly performing products. All our design are the result of combined efforts: an ongoing analysis of the French market, the lastest international innovations and specific requests from our customers and their deployment teams.

We design custom products for any specific requests and present plans and prototypes until they meet with the customer’s approval.

UTEL FASTLIGHT FRANCE is constantly protecting its product and solution innovations and regularly registers new patents.

Quality requirements Materials & Standards

To maintain the level of quality that has guaranteed our success, we are very strict in our choice of materials and optical components.

As part of our environmental commitments, UTEL FASTLIGHT promotes the use of recyclable products sush as aluminium and steel. For products sush as OTO sockets where plastic is unavoidable, we use recyclable plastics.

All our optical components are Premium grade sush as our B grade optical connectors and our metalwork is high quality aluminium or steel (Q235 type), protected with finishes like thermoplastic paint that guarantee excellent mechanical properties and long life.

All our products are designed in compliance with international standards, ITU-T, IEC, and Telcordia and manufactured in factories that are all ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

Quality requirements Manufacturing & Controls

Partners, specialists who are recognized in the optic fiber industry, are in charge of manufacturing. They meet our high-quality requirements.

We carry out quality controls at each manufacturing phase, and a test report is provided for each product (eg. for our optical drawers, we test 100% of the optical ports after production).

We also carry out a strict final inspection to ensure that 100% of our products meet the quality and performance required, complying with the acceptance test plan – aspect, dimensions, finishes, conformity, and optical performances – before sending them to our customer.

Seamless Marketing & Logistics

Once all those steps are complete, the commercial phase can be finalized by offering customer quality products at the best market price.

On average, it takes 4 to 6 weeks between the manufacturing phase and product delivery.

Nonetheless, to better satisfy our customer’s urgent requests, we also have a large range of products available in our warehouses those products for which there is the greatest demand – that we can deliver in 24 to 48 hours, after order confirmation.